From The Desk of Bhartiya Rashtra Bhakt Sena

Today India, our Motherland is going thru a turmoil. Never in the history of our
nation has there been an era of confusion, commotion & contempt… Each day
we find bigger & larger scams being unearthed, as though there is a race on who
loots India the most…

History has proved time & again that revolutions follow atrocities. Time has now
come for such a revolution in India.

Bhartiya Rastrabhakta Sena is one such organization that is working in the
welfare of the nation, all Indians and is committed to its cause with the support
of the public in general.

BRS does not speak about the glorious future… It rather brings to fore the
present as its philosophy is “A bright present give rise to a Bright future”. After
all, for how long will we keep indulging in the mirage of a better future & keep
dreaming the impossible!!!

After 6 decades of Independence, we still keep hallucinating about Corruption
eradication, Complete Independence, Being a proud Indian, a comfortable &
dignified life, terror free land, Jobs for all, Classless society & much more… Time
waits for no one!!! People have come & gone, Governments changed, generations
replaced but sill our Dream eludes us… Why??? As no-one takes the onus… No
one takes the initiative , No one works for the present!!!

Don’t you all feel its high time that we get out of the flux of dreams & get into the
reality mode???

If your answer is “YES”, then come join RBS & be a part of a revolution where
your Dreams will turn into Reality!!!